Capture the flavour of spring in this elderflower vinegar recipe

We've been busy making the most of the elderflower season by capturing this classic spring scent in vinegar. Elderflower vinegar adds a vibrant flavour layer to salads and other veggie dishes. You can expect it to see it making a regular appearance on our menus during the weeks ahead.

You could have a go at making elderflower vinegar at home, its incredibly easy to do. To give it a try, head out and pick around 30 elderflower heads. Try to do this on a dry and sunny day when the flowers fragrance is at its best. Shake off any insects and submerge in vinegar. Don't be tempted to wash the heads, as you'll wash all that delicate flavour away. You want to try to ensure the flower heads are submerged completely under the liquid. As a guide, you could use 1 litre of white wine or cider vinegar to 30 elderflower heads.

Leave the elderflowers to infuse in the vinegar for 24 hours. Check the flavour, and if you would like a more pronounced flavour, simply add more flower heads. Seal the jar and put it somewhere warm for around 10 days. After this time, drain off the vinegar and bottle it ready to use.

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