Tomato & Watermelon Salad


This dish is bursting with summer flavours and perfect as a side dish at a BBQ or picnic.  The recipe below features feta and almonds but you could also use our tapenade recipe and add some sea purslane as per the photo above.

Serves 4


500g mixed tomatoes (small & large), blanched and peeled.

1 small watermelon scooped.

2 celery hearts, pale leaves picked, pale ribs sliced

100g soused shallot

1 garlic , crushed

1 handful mint, basil, thyme

100g toasted almonds, chopped roughly

100ml olive oil,

33ml red wine vinegar (cabernet sauvignon is brilliant here)

100g feta crumbled


-Blanch and peel your tomatoes.  Leave the smaller tomatoes whole and slice the large tomatoes. Place in a bowl.

-Mix the oil and vinegar together and then pour over the tomato mix. Leave the tomatoes in a fridge for a few hours to get to know each other.

-Put the scooped watermelon, celery and soused shallots into a wide flat tray and then add the thyme.

-Turn the oven to 170c and toast the almonds for 7-9 mins, until dark and rich. Roughly chop

-To serve, stir the basil and mint into the tomato mixture and mix with the watermelon salad.  Spoon the salad onto a big wide plate and scatter the feta and the almonds over the top.

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