Happy Gut and Immune Boosting Workshop with Naomi Devlin *multiple dates

Happy Gut and Immune Boosting Workshop with Naomi Devlin

Eating is such an integral part of our lives and an opportunity for each of us to comfort, delight and nourish, that Naomi has made it her mission to help others discover how delicious it can be to take care of your gut.

This is the course for all curious cooks who want to understand how to make changes in the way they shop, cook and eat to bring maximum benefits to themselves and their families. The key to great gut health is embracing diversity and on this exciting day you will discover how delicious and easy including more prebiotic foods and probiotic ferments can be!

• Probiotic drinks. We’ll start the day with a glass of kvass – a fermented probiotic shot made from vegetable or fruit depending on the season and Naomi will talk about the importance of tonic drinks including milk kefir, kombucha, turmeric lattes and raw cider vinegar.

• Yummy sprinkles. Diversity is all about adding nutritious extras, so we’ll make a crunchy mixture to add spice, fibre and healthy fats to meals.

• Gut healing. We’ll learn about slow cooking meat and making broth to break down the prebiotic connective tissues that do repair work in the gut and because not everybody eats meat, we’ll also look at plant based gut repair heroes.

• Superfoods. Herbs pack the most punch for their weight of all vegetables and bitterness primes the gut for digestion. We’ll use some herbs or bitter greens in a superfood salad and make a probiotic dressing for it to enjoy at lunchtime.

• Diversity. Eating upwards of 30 different plant foods a week helps boost gut health, but how to fit them all in? Depending on the time of year, you’ll learn a range of different veg preparation techniques that will help you get that diversity into your meals. From quick pickles to maximising resistant starch and delicious dips to making healthy crisps out of wild garlic, each season has a host of plants to enjoy.

• Lunchtime! After your veg filled morning, you’ll put it all together into a nourishing lunch.

• Treats and polyphenols. We all need treats and our gut is no different! Using the gentle sweetness of dried fruit, fresh fruit, seeds, nuts, spices and dark chocolate we’ll make some gut friendly polyphenol rich bars to pop in a lunchbox or enjoy with your afternoon tea.

• Fabulous ferments. A recent study has shown that fermented food is one of the best things you can eat for gut health. Once you’ve learnt the basics, you can ferment a whole range of vegetables to make probiotic gut boosters. We’ll make a seasonal kimchi or kraut that you can tailor to your taste. You’ll take your pickle home to ferment, armed with all the knowledge you need to make sure it’s safe, delicious and packed with friendly microbes.

Things to take home: Sprinkle: gomasio or dukkah / Probiotic dressing / Fruit and nut bars / Seasonal ferment

Each workshop will be different as you will work with seasonal produce is available.  Please see below for an idea of what each workshop will cover, subject to seasonal availability.

Monday 24th Jan

Radicchio & blood orange salad / Celeriac & kefir remoulade / Kale crisps / Roast roots / Pink caraway kraut

Tuesday 14th June

Nasturtium or watercress and shaved asparagus salad / Quick radish & honey pickles / Roast broccoli or wilted nettles / Carrot ribbons / Spring kimchi

Monday 19th September

Content TBC

Time: 9.30am - 4pm

Cost: £125 per person

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About your host Naomi Devlin:

Naomi Devlin is a food writer, fermenter and nutritionist, based in beautiful West Dorset. She teaches courses on gluten free cookery, nutrition and gut health around the UK.

Originally from Ireland, Naomi grew up in a commune in rural Dorset, milking cows, growing veg, cooking and eating with the seasons. Thinking that London was where it was at, she studied costume design and lived the fast life, working as a costume designer and later a children’s wear producer. But it just didn’t feel right, so she retrained in holistic nutrition and started teaching her clients to cook from scratch in order to empower them to take back control of their health. A coeliac diagnosis started her journey into the fascinating world of free-from as she tried to recapture the flavour and diversity of the food of her youth and that connection to the earth, she looked around the world for inspiration from cultures that relied on grains and ingredients that were inherently gluten free and unprocessed. There she found the flavour and excitement that she was looking for, and hasn’t looked back since.

2016 saw the publication of her first book, River Cottage Gluten Free, an instant bestseller that celebrates her ‘real food’ approach to cooking free from food. Naomi’s next book, Food for a Happy Gut takes the foodie approach to gut health with gut friendly recipes that focus on delicious, flavoursome additions to your diet rather than suggesting you cut lots of things out. She celebrates seasonal produce, fermented food, and delicious nutrient dense sprinkles, drizzles and tonics. Whatever she’s cooking, the focus is always on satisfying, colourful food, that feels comfortingly familiar, yet intriguingly different.