About Riverford

About Riverford

From one man and a wheelbarrow to an award-winning organic delivery company.

Live life on the veg

Nobody knows more about veg than Riverford. Founded by Guy Watson (Best Organic Farmer 2017 and twice BBC Farmer of the Year), we’ve been farming it organically since 1987, choosing varieties for flavour and looking after the soil, wildlife and birds. We promise unrivalled flavour: the carrotiest carrots, and potatoes like your grandad used to grow.

These days, we deliver our award-winning organic veg to 50,000 homes across the UK every week. It’s a long way from one man, one field and a borrowed tractor, but some things never change: we’re still veg nerds at heart, and our inspiration still comes from the soil, always.

Never the side dish, always the star

Since the iconic veg box scheme began, Guy has been inspiring people to create glorious veg-filled meals, including seasonal recipes in every box. Opening an organic veg-centric restaurant on the farm just made sense, and The Riverford Field Kitchen opened its doors in 2005.

Working with the freshest, most flavoursome organic ingredients, straight from the soil, we hope to show you just what’s possible when you put veg at the heart of your plate. We’re not vegetarian, but meat and fish are used as a seasoning – organic seasonal veg is the star of every dish.

Feeling inspired to cook with seasonal veg? Order your own from Riverford

Making Riverford sustainable

Good food doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet. We carried out some research with the University of Exeter to learn more about Riverford’s environmental impact, and specifically designed The Field Kitchen with sustainability in mind.

Here is some of what we’re doing to make your meal at The Riverford Field Kitchen as green as possible (apart from filling it with veg):

  • We are certified organic by the Soil Association
  • Solar panels power our lights
  • The underfloor heating uses the heat from Riverford fridges
  • Our ingredients are never air-freighted
  • We champion a local, seasonal, veg-centric diet wherever possible
  • Food waste goes into an anaerobic composter, or to feed Riverford cattle